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The Climate Crisis is the biggest humanitarian issue which mankind has ever faced. As soon as I became aware of the extent of the damage we've wrought on the planet - around 2013 - I couldn't sit by. I had to take action or at least be part of the movement to help us switch to a sustainable fossil free economy. I joined my local grassroots organisations and began creating props and costumes for marches and artwork for protests and events. I was heavily involved in multiple NGO climate groups until I experienced severe burn out - a common side-effect! I decided to take a step back and to solely create artwork for climate NGOs. However, most of my own artwork relates back to this issue - it's hard to create work which doesn't when you're main focus and inspiration is the natural world and wildlife! In this way I try to raise awareness where I can. I still attend marches and events by my favourite groups such as Art Not Oil and BP or Not BP, who campaign for the removal of oil sponsorship of our arts and culture.

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